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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Wichita, KS

AMSOIL synthetic oils are chemically engineered to reduce friction, deliver optimal fuel efficiency, provide maximum film strength, and perform in extreme temperature ranges. Protect your engine with AMSOIL at your next oil change.

All American Automotive offers a wide selection of AMSOIL high performance motor oils for customers in Wichita, Goddard, Maize, Colwich, Sedgwick and surrounding areas.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Goddard, KS

Is My Factory Warranty Still Valid with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil?

You won't lose your factory warranty by using AMSOIL instead of your manufacturer's brand. In the United States, you're protected by the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, giving you the freedom to choose the brands and parts you find best. You can even extend your oil change intervals from what's in your owner's manual when using a longer lasting AMSOIL product without voiding your warranty.

All AMSOIL lubricants are guaranteed for as long as you use them. For more information, see the AMSOIL Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions.

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